Layne Seller’s Guide


Download Layne App and create a user account.


Create your listing.

Go to Sell tab and enter your license plate number. The app will guide you through the rest. Hit publish and your car will be listed on Layne.


Perfect your listing.

You can come back to your listing and edit it at anytime. We suggest that you complete the following items to make your listing more attractive to potential buyers:

  • Add photos

  • Include a warranty (potential buyers really value this and are willing to pay more for a car with a warranty)

  • Include your service book

  • Include an inspection certificate (organize one if you haven’t already; our research has shown cars without an inspection certificate command a much lower price than those that have it.


Share your listing with your family, friends and social network.

You can easily share any Layne listings via messaging, social media and email. Don’t forget to ask them to share it with their family, friends and social network too!


Respond promptly and honestly to potential buyers, and offer test drives.


Negotiate and accept offers.


Sign a contract, get paid and hand over the car.