Selling on Layne

What is Layne Certified Used Car?

Once your car passes our inspection, we will advertise it as Layne Certified Used Car, meaning that it comes with a detailed inspection report, a standard 12-month warranty, and is also fairly price based on its specific condition.

How could I earn more from selling with Layne?

Since your car will be sold directly to a new private buyer, no third party involved, you could earn up to 25% more than an average dealer offer.

Also, because your car would be advertised with a detailed inspection report and warranty, it will be able to command a significantly higher price than in a regular private sale.

What would be the price of my car?

Your car will be advertised and sold at “Layne’s Fair Price,” which is its fair market value.

Since a listing gets the most interest when it is “fresh” on the market, by pricing it fairly from the start, we maximize the chance that your car will be sold timely and successfully.

The fair price for your car is determined based on your car specificities and the actual sales prices in the market.

Why is Layne’s Fair Price for my car lower than what I’ve seen on other websites or dealerships?

Layne’s Fair Prices are “no-haggling” prices, whereas listing prices on most platforms include a big markup for discount. Cars aren’t actually sold at listing prices, and it’s possible a lot of haggling could push the actual price down by as much as 20%.

Does my car need to be in a good condition?

Yes. Layne Certified Used Cars must meet a certain standard. This is so that buyers could trust they are getting a good car. As a result, you as a seller, could earn the best possible price for your car. Our Expert will verify the condition of your car during the inspection.

Why does Layne need to verify seller’s identification and vehicle registration document?

Layne helps private individuals sell their used cars. We review the car registration document for every car we advertise, and verify the seller’s identification to confirm he or she is the rightful owner of the car. This helps protect buyers and create a trusted environment for a successful transaction.

Where will my car be advertised?

We will advertise your car on major online platforms such as AutoScout24.ch, AutoRicardo.ch, Tutti.ch, Anibis.ch, Comparis.ch, and Facebook Marketplace.

Can I continue to drive the car while it’s being advertised?

Yes. After the inspection is complete, you can continue to drive you car so there is no disruption to your daily routine.

If there are any significant changes to your car’s condition or you encounter an accident while it’s being advertised, please let us know.

What can I expect during the inspection?

Our Expert will organize a visit to inspect your car, anywhere you want, and create a detailed report.

The inspection is extensive — in order to ensure quality for the new owner — and usually takes about one hour. However, you would only have to be present during the first few minutes when the Expert arrives to get your keys and documentation.

If your car is in a good condition, the Expert will take photos and confirm the sale price of the car. You will then also sign the commission sale contract so we can start listing your car.

What do I need to do once my car is sold?

We will assist you with the necessary paperwork (such as sale contract) and vehicle handover.

I want to sell my car as quickly as possible. Could Layne help?

Yes. Please reach out to us at hello@layne.app and we will provide you with a quick sale option.

How and when do I get paid?

The buyer will pay for your vehicle with Layne Secure Payment. Once the handover is concluded, we will initiate the payment to you via a direct bank transfer. The amount you will receive equals your sale price minus the fees.