Earn more for your car

You earn more for your car by selling it yourself. Layne makes it possible for you to list your car, connect with potential buyers, accept an offer, and sign the contract, all in one app.

Ultra easy listing

It takes literally seconds to get your listing created on Layne. Just enter your license plate number, and the app will guide you through the rest. (No, you don’t have to look up your engine size.)

How to sell on Layne

Free Fair Price Estimate

Layne uses advanced data and analytics to suggest a Fair Price Estimate for every car listed so you can price it fairly, avoid unpleasant haggling, and have a successful sale.

How to price my car


What is Layne?

Layne is an app that lets you connect with other private individuals to buy or sell your used car online, yourself, and on your own terms.

It’s simple, fair and secure.

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Fair price is a smart price

Avoid the rookie mistake of overpricing your car when you first list. Your car gets the most interest when it’s “fresh” on the market, so price fairly from day one.

Reducing the price later on makes people think that your car is undesirable.

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“It was really fast for me to list my car on Layne. Their fair price suggestion was also helpful — it saved me a lot of time in the process.”

Patrick Keller, CEO Annanow