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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Layne?

Layne is an app that lets you connect with other private individuals to buy or sell your used car online, yourself. It’s straightforward, fair and secure.

Where is Layne available?

Layne is available for users in Switzerland, in German and English languages.

Why should I sell my car on Layne?

It’s super easy to list your car on Layne. Our technology helps you look up your car information based on your license plate number. The app guides you through a few simple steps so you can create an effective listing. Once your listing is published, you can connect with potential buyers, accept an offer, and sign a sale contract. You can earn more for your car by selling it yourself.

Why should I buy my next car on Layne?

On Layne, we show the estimated fair price for each car so buyers know if they are getting a good deal.

It’s also easy and secure to connect with sellers in the app. Your private info is kept private and we monitor the app closely and only trustworthy and well-intended users are welcome.

We also guide buyers through the test drive and handover process so they can navigate these process confidently.

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