Layne’s Fair Price Estimates explained

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Layne uses advanced data and analytics to suggest a Fair Price Estimate for each car, so sellers can price fairly and buyers can make an informed decision. This means haggling is not necessary and nobody needs to feel cheated.

The Fair Price Estimate takes into account the type of car, the kilometers it has traveled and the general market conditions. It also takes into consideration that a private seller does not have additional costs associated with running a dealership, and does not have to pay VAT.

The Fair Price Estimate excludes scratches or damages that are not a result of normal wear and tear, non-standard colors or features, and any special modifications of the car.

How to use Layne’s Fair Price Estimate

In most cases, the Fair Price Estimate is a reasonable starting point for a seller to price his or her car, and for a buyer to start a negotiation. If a car has any special history or features, it should be priced accordingly and the explanation should be called out under the Condition section.

Look for a Fair Price stamp

Fair Price stamp

A car that is priced within Layne’s Fair Price range automatically receives a Fair Price stamp, which shows up on the listing and in search results.

When in doubt, contact the seller directly

We recommend an interested buyer contact a seller directly to better understand the specific features and condition of a car, and schedule a test drive in order to evaluate it in person and on the road.